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Please note our Entry Forms and associated documentation are now fillable forms or links as indicated.  Exhibitors can either fill in the entry form/document, save, then email to the Show Office as an attachment; fill in and print out to send with entries; or print out the blank form and fill it in manually.

agriculture pavilion – Farm produce, fruit & veg 2024

If you can grow it, then chances are you can enter it in the Farm Produce + Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts competition.

Farm produce includes but is not limited to cane, maize, soy beans, potato & squash, right up to the heaviest giant pumpkin. Also melons, eggs, or any other form produce of your choice!

Fruit, Vegetables & Nuts classes include tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, garlic, bananas, macadamias, custard apples + 100 other categories….. or bring along something from your garden not in the list.

There is also decorated fruit & vegetables, most unusual fruit or vegetable, or bring in your own collection of fresh fruit &/vegetables to display as a collection.

Honey! Those into Apiculture, bring in your golden nectars – classes include light, golden, dark, Manuka, creamed & candied honeys. Also honeycomb frames & candles made from bees wax.

There are also sections especially for junior entrants.

Get your gardening gloves on…..

Organically grown produce is welcome!

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alpaca & fleece *** display only for 2024 ***

Come and Pat a Paca!

The Alpaca Pavilion will be full of everything related to Alpacas.
There will be information about the Alpaca Industry & livestock on display.

Demonstrations of spinning, knitting, crochet, felting will take place during the show, with a variety of Alpaca product for sale.
Huge Quilt display of renown quilter Chris Timmins sets the background atmosphere of the Alpaca Pavilion.

Schedule 2022 (For Reference Only)
art 2024

Express your own creativity and imagination by entering the Grafton Show Art Competition.

This can be via painting with mediums of various types through to sculpturing to product a thing of beauty or to convey a message.

There are 43 different classes in this year’s Art Competition, spanning Landscape, Seascape, Portrait, Still Life, Drawing, Nature Study, Abstract, and Collage.

There are Open sections, as well as Novice, Junior 5 Years and Under 8 Years, Junior 8 and under 12 Years, Junior 12 and under 16 Years, Junior 16 and under 18 years, Person with disability, & Aged care facilities/rehabilitation centres/hostels.

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cattle 2024

Caters for different Breeds & Age Classes of Cattle.

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cageD birds 2024

The Cage Birds Competition is aimed at promoting good Aviculture practices, and is open to both adults and children with an interest in raising, breeding and showing birds.

The competition judging is carried out by the Clarence River Caged Bird Club, which was formed some 55 years ago.

The competition also encourages conservation and education of bird species.

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cooking 2024

Cooking is the art of preparing food (ie. cakes, biscuits etc) suitable for a function, home use or a gift to someone. It is the art of combining, mixing, and or cooking ingredients to make an edible item.

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CRAFT 2024

Craft is an applied form of art reflecting the constructive imagination through a medium of textile, decorative, wool, paper etc to assemble a garnet, object, jewellery etc.

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CUT Flowers 2024

Enter the floral pride of your garden into the Grafton Show Cut Flower Competition.

Varieties ranging from Chrysanthemums to Daisies to Gerberas to Roses – with many others in between.

Also don’t forget the Australian Natives Class Group which includes Grevillea & Banksia Flowers.

A special junior age group also exists for budding young Floriculturists (pun intended!), making this a great competition to enter for all age groups.

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decorated cakes 2024

Decorated Cakes is the art of using icing, sugar art, and decorative edible elements to make a plain cake attractive.

Cake decorating dates back to the mid 17th century in Europe for displays and banquets.

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demolition derby 2023 *** 2024 coming soon ***

The Grafton Show Demolition Derby is shaping up to become an annual favourite in the main ring.

Skilled drivers match their wits, metal, and burning rubber, competing by deliberately ramming their vehicles into one another.

Tons of car crashing, engine revving, dirt-flying fun with more than a variety of cars & drivers. Not just fun for REV heads, but the whole family as well! 

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floral art 2024

Floral Art is the arrangement of flowers, foliage, and plant materials, with or without embellishment to tell a story that is eye catching and balanced.
The art of floristry is known to have been used as far back in time as Ancient Egypt.
In show work, the schedule will determine themes, the rest is up to the exhibitors imagination.
The schedule for the Grafton Show is divided into five sections covering Open, Novice, Secondary School, Primary School, and Infant School.

Please check the schedule for the section and class/es that suit your talent. 

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GOATS 2024
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Home Brewing 2024

The Grafton Brewing Competition attracts entries from the Clarence Valley and around Australia. It is open to all amateur brewers regardless of whether you are a novice or seasoned expert.

Those entering will receive constructive written feedback on your beers (which can be used to improve them should you wish to do so).

The Grafton Brewing Comp can also serve as a practice run for those planning to enter the various state competitions held later in the year, leading up to the national comp.

Classes cover most styles of beer, but also include ‘Beverages other than Beer’, and ‘Brew Foods’.

Program BookletEntry Form 2024
Beer Style Categories & Descriptions (2024)
ONLY For Those Entering Brewing Classes 1.01 – 18.09

Brewing Competition Results 2022 & 2023

horse 2024
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Lapidary 2024

Do you make your own Jewellery or Pendants? Then why not enter the Grafton Show Lapidary competition? Classes include Cabochons of various sizes (standard and freeform) as well as Jewellery made from Cabochons.

Additional classes include Handmade pendants (set/unset), Silversmithing work of various forms, Faceted Gemstones (Novice and Open Sections) & Beading jewellery and Enamelling works.

Judging is carried out by the Grafton Gem Club.

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needlework 2024

Needlework is the art of decorative work with needle and thread to embroider. It also includes knitting and needlepoint. Anything requiring a needle of any sort is needlework.

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Shawl Instructions
patchwork, quilting & sewing 2024

Patchwork Quilting dates back to the Pharoh’s times over 3,000 BC. Back then, armour was made by quilting heavy fabrics together. In the 17th century bed quilt covers began to evolve.

Let your individual patchwork creation tell a story using colour, design and techniques at the Grafton Show.

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photography 2024

No matter what your age, we would love to see you enter your pictures in the Grafton Show Photographic Competition!

Younger people are especially encouraged to become involved by entering a photo or two.

There are classes suitable for age groups starting from 8 years, all the way to 70 years and beyond.

An array of subject matter is suitable to enter this year, including, Landscape, People, Still Life, Animal, Bird and Insect Studies, and the special “Country Life – Celebrating the 150th Grafton Agricultural Show” class.

Images may be colour or black and white, but all are required to be printed in the 8 x 10 (200mmx 250mm) size to be displayed.

For specific details and information see the Photography Schedule below.

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pot plants 2024

Pot Plants (house plants) are any plants that are suitable to grow in a pot indoors or in a warm, dry environment. Early history records the civilisations of Egypt, India, China and Rome having potted plants in their environments.

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poultry 2024

The Grafton Poultry Club encourages breeders of all ages to enter this year’s competition.

The younger generation are especially encouraged to enter, with a special grouping being setup for those under the age of 15.

Classes cover most poultry breeds, ranging from Softfeather Bantams to Waterfowl, and including not only ‘chooks’ but also Geese, Turkeys, and Ducks.

Judging is done to the Australian Poultry Standard.

Checkout the schedule below for this ‘eggs-traordinary’ competition for a full listing of all classes.

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preserves 2024

Preserving fruit and vegetables dates back to the early Roman times, as dried fruit was looked on as a delicacy, altho the art of drying food dates back as early as 12,000BC in the hot sun.

Jam and jelly making along with pickling evolved from the necessity of keeping food (preserving) for long periods of time and the art has survived and thrived to the present day.

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schoolwork 2024

The Stewards of the Main Pavilion encourage all Primary Schools in the Valley to enter this prestigious annual competition.

The Schoolwork Competition aims to allow students to demonstrate their resourcefulness by combining their imagination and artistic abilities to produce an artwork worthy of being presented to the show and displayed in the main Pavilion when the show is running.

“The theme this year is Autumn in the Clarence Valley“, says Chief Steward Yvonne Robards, “And I encourage all Primary schools to compete for the perpetual trophy, with one lucky school being declared the winner”.

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scrapbooking 2024

Scrapbooking or (‘book of scraps’) as it was known in early history, evolved from keeping items of memorabilia in a Bible or loose leaf book.

The actual term ‘scrapbook’ evolved in the 1800’s referring to a book with blank pages.

With the invention of the camera and photography, scrapbooking took on a more vibrant and personalised endeavour for the creator.

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woodchop *** 2024 coming soon ***
To enter, refer to schedule